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As a creator, you often spend years developing and refining your channels and pages.  Massive amounts of YouTube Subscribers or Facebook Followers are important, but how do you know if you're hitting all the available 'level-ups' on revenue generation?  Are you choosing one platform over another that could be equally as rewarding...why not multiple platforms? Are your playback RPM's underperforming, but you don't trust the hundreds of inbox messages from MCN's looking to suck the revenue out of you like a vampire? At JCM, we focus on ensuring that our content creators are distributing content on the most profitable platforms, utilizing best practice methods, with the right monetization tools in place.



Growing a sponsorship base is like baking a cake - you can't be successful without all the ingredients.  In the last 16 years, we've negotiated hundreds of sponsorship deals for our clients ranging from product partnerships to 7-figure monetary deals.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to substantially grow their sponsorship revenue which can directly lead to success in the field or on the track.



In an era where consumer and fan outreach is essential, it's important to keep your content fresh and up to date.  Daily social media photos and videos, sponsor sizzle reels, trade show loops, and even behind the scenes clips for your paying subscribers are all examples of routine content that we're able to help our creator clients and our manufacturing clients capture.  If you're short on time and creative manpower, JCM is a perfect solution to your content needs with our solid network of photographers, videographers and editors.



You have the following, you have the audience, now let's find you some partnerships that make sense.  Many times, Creators fail to realize what their true market potential really is.  They undersell themselves or undervalue their talent, and we understand...sponsorships, endorsements, and licensing deals can be intimidating.  It can be easy to short-change a partnership opportunity and allow companies to swoon you with affiliate links and product discounts.  With over a decade of professional talent management who has structured 7-figure deals, it's important to have an agency that has your back...someone who knows when to hold'em, and knows when to fold'em.



So maybe you're crushing it on the Digital or Linear front, your RPMs are paying through the roof, sponsorship offers are flying in and endorsement deals are off the charts.   Now you want to push your own merchandise and maybe even license a few special products here or there so you can start collecting those 'mailbox checks'.  Our design and sourcing team is standing by to help you launch your next level merch endeavors.  With multiple vendors and distribution facilities located across the country, not to mention our success at working hand-in-hand with licensees on product development, JCM is sure to bring your project to life with quality and integrity.

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